5 Kid-Friendly Activities in Sterling, Virginia

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Local Events Kids Will Love in Sterling, Virginia

It isn’t always easy finding kid-friendly activities. Fortunately, in Sterling, Virginia, there are so many fun opportunities for children of all ages to participate in – which is one of the main reasons families love living in the beautiful area so much! With Dulles Town Center at the center of town, there’s something for every child and parent to do every single day of the week, rain or shine.

1.     Playdate Thursdays

The Dulles Town Center Kids Club is as exclusive as it gets for children. It’s an incredible way for parents to get their children to meet other kids in the Sterling area. Playdate Thursday’s take place every Thursday at 10:00 a.m. sharp, just outside of LOFT. Children and their caregivers will be able to enjoy entertainment and educational activities for the kids. Concerts, magic shows, science programs, and storytelling with Mother Goose are just a many child-friendly activities in Sterling, Virginia to look forward to.

2.     The Washington Nationals Play Park

This baseball-themed toddler park is located inside Dulles Town Center. The play park contains slides, climbing areas and other playground equipment created for children who are 42 inches or smaller. The playground amenities are all in the shape of various baseball-themed objects, like gloves and helmets. In order to keep the play park a fun and clean environment, adult supervision is required for participating children. There’s seating available for adults around the perimeter of the play park with cubbies for shoes, bags and jackets for easy storage as well. Caregivers will be able to sit back and relax while their young ones play in a safe, comfortable area.

3.    Chuck E. Cheese’s

A long-standing tradition too good to pass up, Chuck E. Cheese’s at Dulles Town Center is the perfect kid-friendly activity near Sterling for parents to enjoy with their children. Chuck E. Cheese has activities available for everyone from toddlers to pre-teens so no one will be bored during their visiting the facility. Games, prizes and an unforgettable play area are all part of what makes Chuck E. Cheese such a great place. They’ve also just revamped their entire food and drink menu, giving parents an improved experience too!

4.     Cookology Kids Classes

Cookology at Dulles Town Center offers entertaining and educational cooking classes for toddlers and teenagers. With classes that incorporate children as young as three years old, Cookology teaches their young students to measure, mix and roll – while older kids learn more advanced culinary techniques, like knife skills, pasta making and vegetable cookery. With a mission of “inspiring people to connect through food,” each and every Cookology class inspires families to come together as one and have fun in a constructive way.

5.     The Carousel at Dulles Town Center

Any carousel ride is a timeless, classic way to have fun, but the carousel in Sterling is especially great because of its convenient location within the Dulles Town Center. After families spend the day shopping, dining and exploring the mall, it’s nice to end a Dulles Town Center visit with a ride on the beautiful carousel – regardless of age.

Spend a Family-Fun Day at Dulles Town Center

Unlike other malls and town centers, there’s something exciting around every corner at Dulles Town Center in Dulles, Virginia. With countless stores to shop from, delicious restaurants to eat at and a movie theatre on premise, it’s no wonder that the town center is so popular. Local families are always invited to come visit Dulles Town Center and see what it has to offer for their children. Although the operation hours of the department stores and restaurants located within Dulles Town Center may vary, the building is open seven days a week for guests to visit, explore and enjoy with their family members and friends. Contact Dulles Town Center for more information about the family-fun activities by calling 703.404.7124.

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