5 Date Night Ideas in Dulles, VA

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date night in Dulles

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Top-Rated Activities that Will Impress Any Date

Figuring out where to take a date isn’t always the easiest task. For those people who just recently met, it can be difficult to gauge exactly what a new partner will enjoy doing. Oppositely, for those who have been in a long-term relationship, the dangers of falling into the same routine can be boring and hard to switch up. Residents living in the Dulles, Virginia area have an advantage when it comes to new date night ideas – since there’s so much that the township has to offer. Make any date swoon with these Dulles date night activities.

Cookology Classes.

A great way to spend time with your date is to enroll in a local Cookology class. No matter your skill level, cooking is a skill that you’ll inevitably need at some point in the future. Pair up with your partner and whip together something you’ll be proud of, or battle against one another to see who can make a better dish. The class may recommend a recipe that you’ll want to cook again and again, you never know. Hone in on your inner-chef skills with your significant other and cook to greatness.

Try a painting class.

For the 21-and-over crowd, painting classes that are paired with drinking your favorite bottle of wine are all the rage these days. These wine-and-design style classes are an ideal date night for creative types of people who aren’t afraid to express themselves and venture out of their comfort zone. Pinot’s Palette in Dulles is a beautiful art studio that hosts these painting classes. It’s open to the public during convenient hours in the afternoon and evening – and even if you don’t drink wine, it’s still possible to attend a paint class at Pinot’s Palette with or without a drink in hand.

Catch the latest movie.

Whether it’s comedy, romance, horror or anything in between, there’s always a great feature film playing at Regal Dulles Town Center 10. Located within Dulles Town Center, the luxurious movie theatre contains king-sized leather reclining chairs and stadium seating, so that every viewer is comfortable. Moviegoers can also enjoy a state-of-the-art sound system for the greatest movie experience available, regardless of what film they see. There’s a wide variety of food and drinks served at each concession stand and a full-service bar in the lobby for visitors to spend time at before their movie begins.

Play tennis.

Two tennis courts can be found at Arrowbrook Centre Park, which is a unique urban park for the Dulles community. The park boasts fun recreational activities for its residents and sits atop a beautiful wetlands nature preserve. Arrowbrook is the ideal place to host a date night for a sports-loving couple that is seeking a challenging tennis match. Arrowbrook Centre Park is conveniently located next to Dulles International Airport and also contains walking trails and a picnic pavilion—the perfect place to have a romantic homemade meal after the game.

Indulge in a seafood dinner.

Luckily for those who reside in Dulles, Dulles Town Center is home to quite a few impressive eateries. Among the most popular is Red Lobster, which is the best combination of laid back and lavish atmosphere. Red Lobster serves up fresh fish on a daily basis, as well as mouth-watering dishes that are inspired by global cuisines. If seafood isn’t really a favorite choice, Red Lobster also serves chicken and steak dishes to accommodate every customer.

Visit Dulles Town Center on Your Next Date Night

Planning a date night can be easier than expected, especially when it’s hosted at Dulles Town Center. At Dulles Town Center, there’s so much to see and explore, from unique stores to shop at to family-friendly events. Each and every guest of Dulles Town Center is made to feel welcomed and valued with outstanding customer service from everyone who is employed there. Dulles Town Center is located at 21100 Dulles Town Circle, with flexible hours to meet the needs of everyone’s schedule. Contact us or get directions so you can check out Dulles Town Center as soon as possible—you won’t be disappointed!


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