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Summer is coming to a close which means fall is bringing its annual changes to Sterling. Children are entering their new grades, the weather is becoming crisper, and the leaves are changing colors. But at Dulles Town Center, we have our eyes one item in particular: fashion!

With every new season comes a new slew of trends in the fashion world, and we want you to stay up to date. Dulles Town Center has a plethora of stores to choose from, which offer countless varieties and ways to stay trendy and chic this fall. In fact, we’ve put together a list of some of the hottest trends hitting the market.

80’s Renaissance

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The love for vogue-ing primary colors, and John Hughes movies continues. The 1980’s were a magical decade filled with big stars, big fashion statements, and even bigger hair. Some of the biggest names in fashion have been seen rocking leather jackets and bold shoulders. Browse the stores for a blast from the past with neon colors, leather, bold accessories, and foiled fabrics. To go for this look, check out our stores such as Vans, Forever 21, H&M, and Express.

Capes in the Fashion World

When the fall comes around, trench coats are usually one of our go to items in the closet. In the fashion climate of 2018, however, trench coats may stay on the hangers this season and be replaced with something a bit more daring – the cape. Draping seamlessly off the shoulders, capes frame the body to make it seem not only slimmer, but more elegant and powerful as well. This warming garment couples practicality with romanticism and can add a dash of sophistication to any outfit. If a cape-based outfit excites you this fall, check out our stores such as Loft, Lord & Taylor, and Macy’s.

Faux Fur Looks

Fur coats and other accessories have always been seen as a status symbol, but after decades of pushback from animal rights groups, the once popular style has become a bit of a faux pas. However, the look itself is making a strong comeback in 2018 with one major change: the fur isn’t real. All of the style with none of the harm to animals, faux fur coat are all the rage this fall. Keep warm in style and make a vegan friendly fashion statement with these fluffy faux fur coats. Check out stores like Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, and Ann Taylor for this look.

Fashionable Flannels

Fall fashion inevitably brings the flannels out of the closet, and for good reason, too. Flannel button down shirts are not only extremely comfortable, but they’re also super versatile and can complete any outfit. Whether you wear them buttoned up, unbuttoned, tucked, untucked, or whichever way, they come in all different colors and patterns. Use them as an accessory and tie a plaid flannel around your waist for a chic, country-esque look perfect for pumpkin picking or a crisp fall day outside. Complete this look at our stores like Old Navy, Aeropostale, GAP, and more.

Fall Shoe Trends 2018

grey fall boots and brown skinny jeans

If there’s one thing that truly ties an outfit together, it’s the shoes. Some of the most popular shoes for the fall in 2018 are old classics, with some new arrivals emerging on the scene. First, knee high leather boots have made a comeback, probably going hand in hand with the revival of 80’s fashion. Kitten heels are becoming ever more popular, especially for a work environment. If you’re going for a more traditional fall look, try finishing your outfit off with classic riding or western style boots. If you’re not looking for something that runs up the calf, but still want a boot look, combat boots have officially made a full comeback into the fashion scene. Lastly, sneakers are becoming ever more popular. Not just any sneakers, but the chunkier and more “dad-like,” the better. For these shoe trends and more check out our stores like Finish Line, Journeys, Macy’s, The Walking Company, and more.

Best Stores for Fashion in Virginia

If you’re looking for the best one-stop shop for the hottest fashion trends for this fall season, look no further than Dulles Town Center in Dulles, Virginia. With trendy shops for men, women, and children, we have everything that families need and more to get you ready for school and the colder months ahead. Our stores are constantly having deals, and we even host special events for people of all ages. Come visit us today and make sure that you’re ready to take on the fall in the fiercest fashion possible.

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